Kerastase – Specifique Dermo-Calm

Discover the Dermo-Calm programme adapted to your needs.

This range is dedicated to treating sensitive scalp concerns. It has been designed to soothe scalp discomforts such as inflammation, redness, itchiness and tinglings.

The scalp is left soothed and nourished, the first steps to revealing supple and revitalized hair.

Bain Vital

This cleansing soothing shampoo moisturizes and purifies the scalp to calm irritation and inflamation. It leaves the hair with a feeling of lightness while the scalp is rid of itchiness and discomfort.

Bain Riche

This hypoallergenic soothing shampoo purifies and treats the sensitive scalp while nourishing dry hair. The scalp is removed of impurities while hair feels soft and nourished.

Masque Sensidote

Creamy formula that soothes scalp while treating hair fibers.

Serum Sensidote

An intense soothing serum for stressed and sensitive scalps.